Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Well looks like my 'keep blog updated' thought shit the bed..i'll try and work on this..

It's been a busy busy month:

Caught up with my boys in The Carrier at a couple of shows on their tour with Dead Swans, gutted I couldn't have gone and spent time with Dickie the roast beef destroyer!

Breaking Point played Royal Rumble with a shit load of great bands (look for a flyer and myspace links!) we got a ludicrously good reaction, easily the best show for us and shout outs to Pat and Fisher for filling in on short notice!

Saw Brand New/Glassjaw/Thrice (thanks Kenna for the hook up!) BN played a pretty much perfect set, couldn't believe how good they were (download the devil and god if you dont own it!!)

I seem to have spent a load this month, on shirts/records/shoes/ here's some choice picks!
Cheeky bit of Ralph..


New jams

Seats for Glassjaw/Brand New!

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