Friday, 1 January 2010


MMX starts today.

2009 was pretty decent
  • I went to America.
  • My band released a demo and seven inch.
  • Went on a bunch of tours with awesome bands/people.
  • Hungout with some great friends, new and old.
  • Kept my girlfriend (lunatic)
  • Started getting tattooed.
  • And a tonne more things!!
Lets see what 2010 has to offer for us then...
  • January - Dead Swans/Carrier Tour. The Hope Con. Glassjaw. Royal Rumble. 2x Consultations.
  • February - Playing with TRAPPED UNDER ICE/RISE AND FALL x3. Floorpunch!
  • March - CRUEL HAND/BREAKING POINT UK TOUR. Turning 25..haha
Thats just off the top of my head...hopefully smash in trips to America and Australia, another Breaking Point release and a tonne of hanging out with good people.

Might even pretend to keep this blog active too....!

As a final highlight 2 of my favourite photos of 2009...

Sorry Theo I couldn't resist..

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