Thursday, 26 November 2009


So 20th post..Not sure if people read this or not but we'll see I guess..

This posts pretty much an update on Breaking Point, just a quick one though.

We went back to Above All Studios in Margate recently to record for our forthcoming seven inch on Thirty Days Of Nights Records, everything went well and my boy Theo came down to lay some guest vocals at the end of the track 'cautious eyes' He was literally the most laid back guy doing vocals I've ever seen, evidence provided below..

Robbie Gallah did the artwork for us in mad short time before he and Dead Swans went to the US with Comeback Kid, Mother of Mercy and Gravemaker, they are yet to return but i'm 110% there will have been a shit-tonne of mexican food eaten. See his blog here

We also did a short run (20) of Where the wild things are tshirts, all gone now a snooze/lose scenario..

Whilst on the XX- post and talks of Theo, his band LAST WITNESS have uploaded their whole 'unreleased' record to their page, and they have a track called 'XX-' so seems fitting to give them a shout out!

Monday, 23 November 2009


Well..its been a couple of months since the last update..what can I say...I got lazy..

Over this time I've been pretty busy, wasted a bunch of money and saw my boy Lil Wayne!

Here are some picks of the past month..

Insane digital backdrop...why not?!?!

Naturally i purchased a shirt...

More supreme...



Shirts and Destroy Hope Con - preorder 22/100

Also found out I could get my gym attendance stats... Interesting to myself and about 0.00001% of others...

I'll attempt to be more proactive with this..No promises though!