Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Its been ages since the last update..

I saw Trash Talk last week in Brighton, they smashed it, the show was sick too, loads of kids travelled, got nandos with SRS. moshing!

Got a bunch of stuff through the post too. Holla it!

Coalesce Functioning on impatience reissue and limited mug BOOM!

COA shirt through from check it:

Finally from ebay..

My luck/the final plan split 12" - if you've never heard the final plan...i pity you.

and Count Me Out poster

Listen to..
This City - demos
Reign Supreme - american violence
Converge - jane doe
In the red - demo
Heathen - s/t

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I love it when parcels arrive this time more guns up shirts...

Big L rip off and Euro tour '06 shirt replacement for my last one.

The guns up! Panic tour was one of my 2006 highlights, turn cold did all 6 shows and i drove Nervous Wreck for the last 3 dates, London/Norwich/Folkstone.
Good hang outs, good mosh, England got knocked outta the world cup not so moshing.

Listen to..
Dirty money - trapped under ice split
American nightmare - background music
Shipwreck - 7"
The get up kids - something to write home about
On thin ice - all hope abandon

Monday, 15 September 2008



Cold snap release show was insane, best show ive been to in ages, everyone moshed, gave them best release show possible, dirty money proved once again why they are one of the best bands around! MOSHING.

Picked up the cold snap record with special art by sketchy adam:

Also picked up a replacement Dirty Money shirt as i outgrew my last one:

Highlights from the show:
Camo shorts. backed
Hard mosh. backed
Hanging out/catching up. backed
Kids x'd up! (Courtesy of Graham Money) fully backed!

More shows like this please.

Start a band. Start a zine. Start putting on shows. Start Moshing.

Listen to..
The Game - L.A.X
Right Brigade - ep
Kids in glass houses - smart casual
Guns up! - All this is
The final plan - closed casket secrets

Friday, 12 September 2008


Blacklisted last night, whats up with kids?! show had wierdest atmosphere shame really.

This Sunday get to Ashford for Cold Snaps release show! No dice are on this and Rot it hell aint playing.

Listen to..
Notorious B.I.G - Greatest hits
Brand New - The devil and god...
Bitter End - Climate of fear
No Warning - Self titled

Monday, 8 September 2008


Been a few days since last update.. Last night saw Deal With It, Nervous Wreck, No Dice and a bunch more at the Old Blue Last.

Deal with it were sick, get on the new record immediately. Holla the artwork, surely thats enough of a selling point alone?!?

Got a nandos, first appearence in this blog for my favourite peri chicken bro's the only thing better than my half chicken (hot) peri chips, garlic bread and double halumi cheese has got to be walking back to the Old Blue Last and Pid getting smacked by some meathead. loving life.

Got another Nervous Wreck tshirt to replace my old one thats seen better days artworks shown below, Robbie did it, his arts sick, get him to do shit for you

Listen to..
Deal with it - End Time Prophecies
Meltdown - s/t
glassjaw - eyewtkas
new found glory - tip of the iceberg

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Blacklisted is next week in London. Its only £5 in so no excuses, be awesome to see them in small venue again, hopefully will be up there with the Southend show they played.
Come and smash twig in the head.
Heavier than heaven is a banger of a record holla it!

Watched a program about how to trap a paedo last night was mental. Getting the guys that 'dont talk to underage girls on the internet' ha

Best shit on tv in ages.

Listen to
BMTH - suicide season
crystal castles - s/t
rage against the machine - s/t
hope con - death knows you name

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Got a curry tonight with my good friend Ali, was a pleasure as always. He hits up America soon with his band architects. listen to them and if you in the states, go see them

Nervous Wreck actually practiced today for first time in a year, playing the Old Blue Last this Sunday with Deal with it, Injury time, No dice and a bunch more. Will be good to see them playing again.

Listen to..
Bitter End - self titled 7"
No Warning - all
Dead Swans - southern blue
Integrity - systems overload

Sunday, 31 August 2008


Went to see Pulling Teeth on Friday in Brighton with No Dice, Lose Mendozas and Lightbringer. The show was cool, good turn out, good hangouts.
Pulling teeth were sick, Dom was shredding hard. No dice were good, Spencer had some good words to say. dont shit on your friends. Lightbringer sounded immense, looking forward to seeing them again at Cold Snap release.

Bought Witches Sabbat part 3 this time theres a poison idea cover.

Picked up a couple of new Shipwreck shirts last week too. heres one of them:

Saturday i went to the Black Lungs/Lock and Keys show. Some awesome dudes out and some hard chilling took place. highlights were lock and keys set, cheap mexican food and late night chats about the cro mags. moshing.

Listen to..
Bitter End - Live at Sound and Fury '07 - FREE download from
Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice split
American Nightmare - background music
Dr Dre - 2001

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Finally i bothered to sort this out....

Got another reign supreme shirt through today, its in the style of an eye test i back it. this band are hard as hell and the records one of the best this year. check them out.

Also found myself in Rocksound too, awesome photo, shame about the majority of kids at the show..

listen to:
trapped under ice- stay cold
danzig - 3
bitter end - climate of fear
cro mags - best wishes