Monday, 14 September 2009


Picked up this Ralph Lauren Polo the other day for a massive discount price, the photo doesnt do it justice..

Listen to...TERROR.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I also went away on tour over the past week or so with Polar Bear Club to Reading and Leeds festivals, Ieperfest and Europe/UK.

Awesome tour, awesome guys (minus snitch Browne haha)

On the first night went shopping in Leeds, bought some more Nikes (cheers Ricci), then on to see Trash Talk in a squat in Leeds..wierd. Bought this shirt solid design.

Reading and Leeds were both insane, great reaction for PBC and hungout with a tonne of awesome people, both old and new.

Here are some of the best bits!

Went swimming in a river in Zurich all day, was awesome jumped off a 10m+bridge too!

Going to miss getting into this van with this man everyday!

Picked up a couple of records and a shirt too.

PBC have a new record out called 'Chasing Hamburg' its out next week on Bridge 9 records, go pick this up, another example of whats good in 2009!

Cheers for taking me out fellas!


I bought the new Trash Talk East of Eden 7" from Holy Roar records, its on clear and limited to some amount, i'm unsure what though?

Also bought these Nike Air Max 1 Brazil shoes, they are a quickstrike shoe so even more limited. I have uploaded a photo from the web as shows them better! The Swoosh has a hologram as does the tongue. Mental.


Well it appears i became slack on the updating front again..

At the Dead Swans release show my boy Stanley brought me along an OG No Warning longsleeve from Mikey and an Eazy E shirt! Winner.