Friday, 1 January 2010


So once again I have become lazy on this...what a suprise.. so i'll just do a quick recap on December rather than banging out a load of seperate posts!

Played the 5th TDON birthday show, we were on second on the Saturday but can easily say it was the best show we've played, got a great reaction and solid turnout, full props to Faz for putting this on and it running so smoothly! We had some new shirts for this, consisting of dogs with sunglasses...

Christmas! an obvious one to cover, the girlfriend really came through with presents (as always) 2pac/Biggie/Wayne/Nike!

Got tattooed at Frith Street by Stefano ( couldn't be happier with it!

Got the new blacklisted record through, took a while to get into but its solid, great band.

Last Witness- back together and new merch! BOOM.

As a quick re-cap I think that sums up December!

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