Thursday, 30 July 2009


Small world..
I bought some records on the 'bay over the last week, when got them through there was a note from the seller, who knew me from this blog, YES HARDCORE.
So shout out to his blog Run and Ruin

T.U.I - demo 7"

T.U.I - stay cold 7"

Also Breaking point demo download link:

Jailtbait 'unreleased' 7" material link:


Monday, 27 July 2009



Went to Belgium with my boys Your Demise to Mosh Valley fest. Second show with new Vocalist Ed, they smashed it.
Rise and Fall were incredible as were shipwreck.
Great to see More than life get that reaction so far from home.
Good hangouts, not enough passionate metalcore though..

Here are some photos of the day.

Got a couple of shirts too.
More than life tye dye:

Rise and Fall 'kiss' crewneck:

On the Sunday i drove to Birmingham to play a show, solid line up shame a few bands pulled out.

New cold snap garms almost as good as their new track. Split with Cornered coming soon...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Keeping things moving i got through the post over the past day..

Kingdom of fear 7" as i previously spoke about:

And the pre-order package for the Blind to Faith 12" which came with a bonus Integrity/AVM split 7". Both of these records are hand numbered and stamped out of 250 with the Manson Holy Terror logo.

Purchased from

Listen to...
The Hope Con - True Nihilist
T.U.I - Secrets of the World
TRV$DJAM - Fix your face 2

Monday, 20 July 2009


As a last catch up post before normal business resumes here are some of my favourite picks of the past 6 months.


Secrets of the world is incredible and everything i wanted from it and more.
I picked these shirts up over past few months from L to R.
Lion - From New England Metalfest.
Devil - Goose from Polar bear Club ( brought this back from the States with him as a gift the last time they stayed at my house.
T.U.I - From their london show with Terror. TUI cleaned up that show. incredible.

Hardcore records in 2009:

Kingdom of fear: Ludicrously good packaging and tracks/zine featuring some of the Uk's finest (cold snap/iron clad/Mob rules among others)

Dead Swans sleepwalkers. mentally good record, but thats enough about swans for one blog.

The gaslight anthem - the '59 sound.

Harms Way - Reality Approaches

The Hope Con - True Nihilist

Pulling Teeth - paradise illusions, paranoid delusions - the packaging of this record is disgustingly good, hollogram cover anyone?!?! i'll get photos soon.

And finally the Nike Corporation..Why do you have to do it to me..

Should have gone to bed a long time ago...

Rise and fall/shipwreck/have heart at the Camden Underworld on Thursday. They were all incredible in Southampton. Bought this shirt.



Continuing from my previous post heres rough update of 2009..

New band started playing shows and recorded demo.

We're called breaking point and are southern rise straight edge.

Played 1st show in Ashford at the downtown diner:

Recorded a 5 track demo with Jamie Frye in Margate and sold a bunch of them with screen printed artwork:

I will post more shows flyers etc another time..

In April i went to America with Dead Swans to play some shows/record their full length 'sleepwalkers' to come out on Bridge 9 records (August 11th '09)

I met some incredible people whilst there, so shout outs to the carrier, in remembrance, the bonus army, defeater, soul control, jon garwood,gay dan, TUI, JAY MAAS, Teenie Gun Slinger and a shit load more i cant think of offhand..!!

Three Amigos Mexican restaurant is my favourite food establishment in the world right now too.

Here's some photos from the trip..

Millions more photos...but i dont want this to be a pure photo album haha.


Well i definately slept on doing this, tonnes has happened since my last blog some photos to go with general comments.
I will be picking this blog back up now, less of being non-active.

Oct/Nov - Bring Me The Horizon/Deez Nuts/Dead Swans UK tour

Haloween Show:

Me and Nick:

A ludicrous amount of people:

Even more ludicrous glasses were involved too:

Went to Sweden with Swans:

Stayed at Erik's who had this on his wall.. :

Also got stuck at the airport for some dumb amount of time..

December SRH was born...

And started a band..More to come on that.. As a poor catch up that was 2008.